Fan Sets Twitch Streamer’s Jaguar Car on Fire

Twitch streamer justfoxii shared a disturbing incident where a fan went to her residence and set her car ablaze while she was away on vacation. Streamers are no strangers to harassment by cynical fans but this incident has sent shockwaves across the streaming world.

This incident shows that fans are willing to go to absurd lengths to get the attention of fans and why maintaining privacy for celebrities is of utmost importance. In the case of foxii, the person in question traveled over 700 miles just to set her car on fire.

The man allegedly came to her house looking for her while she was away on vacation and took her absence as an opportunity to set her Jaguar F Type ablaze and the recovered CCTV footage showed how casual was the arsonist about it.

“My mom called me and woke me up. She was crying and I knew something really bad had happened. She said ‘someone caught your car on fire, I’m sorry, I have to go the police are here’,” she said. 

“The firefighters came very quickly, I’m thankful for that because the fire spread to the fence and burnt the side of my house as well, which my mom and animals were inside of,” she added.

“We’re all traumatized in ways that I will never be able to describe but I’m just glad everybody is safe. I just never thought that when I started streaming that something like this would ever happen to me.”

justfoxii later confirmed that the arsonist has been arrested by the police. She is heavily disturbed by the incident and has promised to resume streaming after she finds her footing.

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