Detective Pikachu Returns: Release Date, Platform and More

detective pikachu

During the Nintendo Direct showcase on June 21, 2023, the confirmation of Detective Pikachu Returns brought excitement to fans of the spin-off Pokemon franchise.

This marks the second instalment of the series, and there have been significant developments since the original Detective Pikachu game launched on the Nintendo 3DS seven years ago.

Release date for Detective Pikachu?

Mark your calendars for October 6, 2023, as that’s the release date for Detective Pikachu Returns. Following the original game’s debut on the Nintendo 3DS in 2016, this sequel will now make its way to the Nintendo Switch.

This exciting news was officially confirmed during the Nintendo Direct livestream that took place on June 21. Now, fans can look forward to joining Pikachu and Tim Goodman on their new adventure in the updated platform and experience the next chapter of the Detective Pikachu franchise.

In the trailer, a plethora of Pokemon was showcased, including Mewtwo, Munchlax, Raboot, Luxray, Growlithe, and Inteleon. Said Pokemons were highly anticipated and fans will be excited to see if they really make it into the game as significant characters.

Fans are highly excited for the second iteration of a game that set incredible standards and it will be interesting to see if this game can live up to the expectation.

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