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Google buys Twitch, Merges It With YouTube

1st April 2021, San Francisco, United States: Google today announced that it was buying Twitch from rival Amazon. The deal is set to through for roughly $80 billion as per a report which first appeared on this news platform.

Twitch is an Amazon-owned streaming service that enables gamers and other technology enthusiasts to stream their activities live. It was launched in the year 2011 and was acquired by Amazon in the year 2014.

Speaking on the development, Google’s Mergers & Acquisitions Lead John Doe said to the reporters, “We have been eyeing at Twitch for a very long time and wanted a way to increase our market share in the LIVE segment of technology. This interest was fueled last year when COVID-19 struck and events had to go virtual.”

Users on social media are however confused with what they’ll be seemingly doing with their Amazon-Twitch-Prime subscription, to which Amazon’s executive responded, “We have worked closely with Google and ensured users get YouTube Premium in exchange for Amazon Prime.”

We believe this is a good move since YouTube and Twitch will now be able to deal with Facebook’s Live platform with better resources and compatibility with two giants coming together.

This story is a satire on the occasion of World’s April Fools Day. To honor the 600-year-old unofficial humor day, we curate stories that were a possibility at some point in time. Read it with a pinch of salt, see you next year!

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