OnlyFriends Take 2-1 Series Win Over Kingpins in RUSH B CSGO Tournament

OnlyFriends vs Kingpins Rush B CSGO Tournament Recap

OnlyFriends take a 2-1 series win over Kingpins after a nail-biter game 3.

OnlyFriends vs Kingpins Rush B CSGO Tournament Recap

  • Online: Best of 3
  • Winner Advances, Loser is relegated to Lower Bracket.

Map Veto

1. OnlyFriends Ban Vertigo
2. Kingpins Ban Overpass
3. OnlyFriends Pick Mirage
4. Kingpins Pick Ancient
5. OnlyFriends Ban Anubis
6. Kingpins Ban Nuke
7. Overpass was left over 

Map 1: Mirage (Pick: OnlyFriends, Winner: Kingpins, Final Score: 16:11)

The first map of the series was played off-stream, and Kingpins managed to win the game with a score of 16:11.

Map 2: Ancient (Pick: Kingpins, Winner: OnlyFriends, Final Score: 16:13)

OnlyFriends kicked Ancient off by winning the pistol round on the CT-side, but a force buy from Kingpins on the following round was enough to equalize the score. The next two rounds were easy grabs for Kingpins before OnlyFriends put up their second round on the board. A series of flawless executes from Kingpins gave them a considerable lead in the first half of Ancient, which they ended with a score of 9-6 in their favor.

The second was a completely different story, OnlyFriends won the pistol round and proceeded to convert the following two rounds with ease to tie the score 9-9. Kingpins regained the lead once again by winning two consecutive rounds but an astonishing ace clutch from ‘Crazy_Gamer’ on the 21st round stopped them in their tracks. Kingpins only managed to win a couple of more rounds before the end of map 2 as OnlyFriends closed the game 16:13.

‘Crazy_Gamer’ was declared as the MVP of the second game with 25 kills and 20 deaths with an ADR of a whopping 101.50.

Map 3: Overpass (Winner: OnlyFriends, Final Score: 16:14)

Kingpins appeared to be in much better form at the start of the third game, winning the first three rounds on the T-side back-to-back before their opponents grabbed their first point and proceeded to equalize the score from there. The six rounds that followed were dominated by Kingpins, who managed to extend their lead up to 9-3 before their opposition regained composure. The first half concluded with a score of 10-5 in favor of Kingpins.

Kingpins were able to win the pistol round on the CT-side as well, but a force buy from OnlyFriends on the next round enabled the latter to take the B bombsite and hold it long enough for the C4 to explode. Kingpins decided to follow suit and force-bought during the following round, which ultimately paid off as they snatched the round from OnlyFriends. Another force buy came from OnlyFriends in the 19th round, which they won once again before capitalizing on their advantage and getting five consecutive rounds to bring their score up to 11-12. ‘ElVIS’ had to win an intense 1v1 against ‘Crazy_Gamer’ on the following round to bring back his team’s momentum in the game. However, it wasn’t enough to stop OnlyFriends, who proceeded to close the game 16-14 in their favor.

‘F1redup’ took the top spot in the game 3 leaderboard with 26 kills and 20 deaths and an ADR of 99.5.

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