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Grand Theft Auto V – Presumed Full Score 10/10

Just another review, but this time it’s quiet unnecessary to review such a master stroke from Rockstar, even though if you don’t play video games it’s quiet absurd to accept that you don’t know about Grand Theft Auto series. Since, San Andreas, the game have got enormous support and love throughout, thus forcing the development team at Rockstar North to take the game at next level from the prequel Grand Theft Auto – IV.

Unlike the GTA: IV and all the previous game’s openings, Grand Theft Auto – V has a lot more excitement and thriller as soon as it begins. You aren’t in a luxurious car, nor you are in the middle of a posh city with on-goings traffic; instead the game starts with a flash-back past 9 years, and the players (you, we) are visioned as bank robbers where they are stealing millions from the bank, lately, we see….umm let’s go detailed here in.

When you are are done getting your pop-corns and drinks ready for the proxy of your social life, the introduction begins with a flashback about 9 years ago where we see Micheal and Trevor actually getting on papers to rob a bank and runaway along with mates with random transportation followed by cops, where in-and-around there are battles played between the congregation. We do see Trevor’s aggression at the very beginning, as he starts to lead them by going head-to-head like an action shooter coming out in the skylight and de-grouping the cops.

The plot changes, as they begin to feel the arrival at safe-yard, but actually is surrounded by falsifiers, after couple of exchange of bullets Micheal and the other mate are hurt at extreme and are not operational and the concluding battle has to be handled over to Trevor, where he finishes things off and let his soul-mate’s, Micheal’s, grave for funeral with the other concerned characters. Rockstar has made it look so realistic, that when you are actually playing it, you’ll be pretty much annoyed to distinguish between the reel and real life and will start figuring out the dept of his death. But, as said After a storm comes a calm and then… oh c’mon! we don’t want to spoil the fun, you should play it to know about it! We only can say is the actual fun begins!


Micheal, Trevor and Franklin, the smartest move and up-gradation the trend of gaming to a next generation level Rockstar did increment the level of conspiracy and terrorism by adding up two more character respectively who are doing their jobs with letting the other 2 untouched.

The intensity of crime in Los Santos is immense, the trio of protagonists is very much heavy onto the Police Department as in the latest installment of the game, there are illegal businesses, bank robberies, vehicle swapping, betting and other leftover felonies like in this installment of the game there is uncensored sex available and all the mischievous activities for which the series is well-known. The previous version had a M rating, but with limitations at the notch; however, in GTA V, there’s lot more of crazy things you may experience which are offensive enough and imposed mature contents.

 We don’t see any game in comparision of GTA V until the next decade.

Discussing about the graphic; TBH, at first go when we loaded the review copy onto the Xbox 360, the first look was so much covetous and anxiety. The graphics is jaw-dropping, not the best of all but surely the combination of graphics and game-play is the best ever combo with no vision to get other game any near, keeping the Grand Theft Auto – V the farthest and belonging to out-standing league!

The map, it’s bigger than the imagination of fellow gamers like us, we would have claimed or thought about the game getting few ‘x’ bigger than it’s prequel, IV, but there’s a lot more hidden as it seems to only be 27 % of V!! The world, apart from cars, there are lots of other activities including, gymnastic, yoga periods, cycling stuffs, in-game race modules and etc. which makes the game a lot more extensive then the previous installments.

If you’ve played any of the Grand Theft Auto series of games, notably Grand Theft Auto IV, then you’ll know how important the radio stations are to setting the scene – and just being absolutely hilarious. Well ahead of Grand Theft Auto V’s official launch Rockstar Games have shared snippets of the radio station’s playlist’s and audio to give you a feel for the game.

The five radio stations sampled are West Coast Classics, Vinewood Boulevard Radio, Rebel Radio, Fly LoFM, and East Los FM. They also sampled the song used in the official Grand Theft Auto V trailer which is a modified version of Sleepwalking by electronic band the Chain Gang of 1974.


The resources, the utilities, the features, the activities, the never ending excitement of GTA V always remains unsaid in words, without playing the game, you can’t really demonstrate the in-game features in words, the master-mind giant publisher had some intimidating qualities which made it top tittle of the year as of now and lately, “We don’t see any game in reach of GTA V until the next decade!” And it undoubtedly deserves a tacitly assumed 5/5!

Grand Theft Auto V is available now on Xbox 360 and PS3, and a PC variant.

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