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Mobile Gaming Market Revenue to Reach $92.6 Billion in 2023

The gaming industry is growing on an impeccable rate and the revenue figures are skyrocketing. Here is an insight on the global gaming market and the estimates for this year.

SoStronk drops new match making system with 3.0 Update

Sostronk have taken massive steps towards improving their user experience after the April Fools update. We explain how.

Zowie Celeritas II Keyboard Review: Optical minimalism

BenQ’s pro-grade eSports brand Zowie has been steadily accruing both product and reputation over the last few years. Their XL2546 offered up some really...

ZOWIE XL2546 – Finest monitor for professional gaming

The ZOWIE XL2546 comes along with the base plate, stand, S-switch and a pair of shields. It's pretty obvious that the 240hz monitor needs...

Join the league with the beautiful Biostar B150GT5 Racing Motherboard

The Taiwanese manufacturer of computer hardware and peripherals recently announced the addition of it newest range of series, Racing motherboards. As the name sounds...

ZionRAM 8GB DDR3 1600 mhz Review

Everything is set for this new season of eSports, as the time has surpassed and we are back in assembling some stunning gaming rigs for...

What rank you should be after the derank storm

Now that everything is settled and the water shows a perfect reflection we present to you a basic fundamental survey done on the masses and the result...

Antec GX300 – The new beast in the gaming world

With a warranty of whopping 36 months from the date of purchase, it will surely emerge triumphant in gaming and work. GX300 is a job well done by Antec!

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Final Fantasy 9 Remake Rumors: Leaks Spark Hope for Zidane’s Return

Ever since the Final Fantasy 7: Remake and Rebirth...