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BGMI Pro Snax talks about PC Gaming and BGMI, life and career goals

PUBG Mobile and BGMI has been an entry point for a lot of current gaming content creators that have rose to unimaginable heights in a short span of two to three years. Snax is one of them and is loved by his fans and peers alike. Snax recently talked about several aspects of his professional career on a podcast and here are the excerpts.

Snax is from Hyderabad and started his professional PUBG Mobile journey with one of the strongest squads of the time, Team IND. He was known for his high spirits and impeccable accuracy in game with a gun called DP-28.

He entered the realm of content creation soon after joining PUBG Mobile esports and was showered with love from his fans for his positive attitude, passion for gaming and healthy lifestyle and a very entertaining personality.

Snax recently recorded a podcast with Dynamo which is aired on Spotify called Gamers Unplugged. This show revolves around players talking about their experiences in life and career in general.

In a segment about PC gaming and mobile gaming, Snax stated that he will stick to PC gaming even if PUBG Mobile or BGMI returns in the country. He has indulged a lot in PC games and will not leave it behind for a professional career in mobile gaming. His statement is as follows:

“Right now I am into PC gaming a lot, but in case the game (BGMI) returns, I will continue playing and streaming both. I will not commit the same mistake of leaving PC games and focusing only on BGMI or mobile games. I will stick with both and handle them both.”

Talking about his personal life goal, Snax is aiming to buy a house by himself in the next two years and has not planned any other such goal for the time being. He will focus on the other attributes after his current goal of buying a home and keeping his family happy is achieved.

The conversation is certainly a very entertaining and enlightening experience for his fans that want to know more about the person behind the name “Snax”.

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