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Zywoo names this player as his CSGO rival

In an interview with HLTV,┬áMathieu ‘ZywOo’ Herbaut revealed the player that he thinks will put forward the ‘biggest competition’ against him for the No. 1 position. Fans usually tend to choose Oleksandr ‘s1mple’ Kostyliev along with the French AWPer for the position of the best in the world due to obvious reasons but ZywOo’s thought doesn’t align with the climate of opinion.

Photo Via Epicenter

I think that device is my biggest opponent for the No.1 spot, Despite s1mple’s impressive stats, device had another very impressive year with Astralis, and I think he deserves to be No.1. He is the most complete player I have ever seen and faced.

Said ZywOo to HLTV.org

Nicolai ‘dev1ce Reedtz is definitely a player worthy enough for the honor. ZywOo might statistically best the Danish sniper but he lacks the silverware that dev1ce can boast. dev1ce is best defined by the quote ‘simplicity is the best sophistication’ as we see those quick flicks or flashy plays less often but he has perfected his own unique style of AWPing that is fairly simple but delivers consistent results for Astralis. The consistent results include 6 trophies, 2 of which being Major Tournaments and 3 Personal MVP accolades for 2019.

In the interview, ZywOo further explains that he has accomplished his target for the year and Vitality’s current results satisfy their desires for 2019. He further added that being the number 1 player in the world was never a target for him, he expects himself to placed in top 20 but that is only a bonus achievement, besides what they have already accomplished.


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