The debate war between MOBA fans of these games has raged for almost a decade now.

Doublelift take:

just before Christmas, Team Liquid’s League Of Legends player Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng stated some interesting claims on stream. When asked about to give his opinion on which game is more difficult. “I’d say Dota has more to learn than League when it comes to building diversity, champion pool diversity, [and] map plays,” Doublelift said in a stream. “But mechanically, no. There’s a zero per cent chance Dota has more mechanical skill ceiling than League.”

To add more to that, he even said DOTA2 has unusual turn speed, build-in lag, lack of skillshots, lack of dashes and abilities.

This was enough to spark debate and caused a storm between two communities.

N0tail talks:

Even though Doublelift didn’t called-out anybody personally.

The only captain to ever win TI two times and that too consecutively I.e Johan “N0tail” Sundstein refuted in a tweet.

N0tail’s tweet started with saying he also played some League of Legends games and dominated them.

Followed it up with a few questions, mainly questioning LOL’s low kill counts and lack of critical objectives.

“What are the vital targets, if 4-5 kills in an average of pro games in 30 minutes?”, “Is it a mega-extended landing stage where the last hits and harassment are all concerned?” he said.

N0tail has a point since the League and Dota are extremely different in the early game. League has a very slow laning level, which is targeted at not losing and scaling before the item breaks down.

A follow-up tweet from N0tail declares that Notail and Ceb will be taking this opportunity to hold a chat with achieved and well-spoken LOL players. According to Notail, Ceb and himself will meet up with two LOL players to discuss the pros and cons of each respective scenes.

Ceb slides into the party:

Sébastien Debs better known as Ceb is a professional DOTA 2 player for Team OG and also one of the outspoken faces of DOTA alongside Notail. Ceb joins the debate as Notail’s wingman.

Just post Christmas, 26th December on the Boxing Day Ceb posted a minute-long video in which Ceb compared the two games to vehicles. Dota is a tricycle, ”built with passion” with anybody on it knowing they are ”driving a piece of art” while on the other side LOL is a finely-tuned ”bike” geared to the teeth.

Ceb, likely referring to Doublelift’s comments, said that the Leauge bike “beats the tricycle in a six-meter race, which nobody gives a f*** about”.

At the very end, Ceb ends with his personal conclusion about the two games. While there are “people for both”, he prefers the “complexity” of the Dota 2 tricycle as compared to the “safety and comfort” of the League bike, asking League fans to “keep that crappy-ass boring toy for yourself”.

We are unsure when this cold rivalry is going to end. When about oneself, it boils to personal preferences and what you enjoy the most at the end of the day.

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