At times we have always wondered how much money we would have saved if we had not spent all that pocket money on buying CSGO skins. Well, now there is a way to find out exactly that.

It all started with a reddit thread where a user was contemplating his enormous spending on skins, which promoted others to share their side as well, with one user claiming to have spent over $137,000 (Rs 97,25,150). There are many ways to actually get skins in the game:

  • Drop from matches
  • Opening cases
  • Trading with a friend
  • Buying skins from the market or a 3rd party website.

The one caveat to the spending that they show does not include the profits or the money made by selling any skin. This means that if one was to buy and sell the same skin again and again, they actually have not spent any money but steam will show a recurring purchase for that skin. Another factor not considered is the money spent/earned on trading, either through a 3rd party website or with friends..

However, if you are just curious and brave enough to see how much you spent in total, you can click on badges near your name on the Steam app and website and click on “How do I earn card drops?” which will show your spending.

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