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You can no longer ‘spin defuse’ in CSGO

Those fancy 360 movements to avert firing shots at you? You might as well want to upgrade your skills as Valve has addressed it. In the latest update shipped last night, players who were able to tweak ‘high sensi’ movements to their advantage while defusing the bomb will no longer successful.

The sensitivity trick, which allowed users to get hold of the C4 and still be able to dodge bullets, is now hopefully patched. Alongside this, a music kit named “All for Dust” have also been added for in-game purchase.

Complete log is as follows:

– Bomb defusal progress will now reset if the defusing player turns too rapidly while defusing.
– Translucent surfaces are now ineligible for applying graffiti.

– A new music kit “All for Dust” by Amon Tobin is now available for purchase in-game.

[ MISC ]
– When players open containers or receive items during the match, text filtering will no longer apply to names of received items in chat messages.

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