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Yoru disabled from Valorant Agent Selection to solve “issues”

Riot Games has issued a new notification in Valorant which reveals that the Agent Yoru has been disabled in-game. Yoru is taken down to “work on an issue” with no other clarification given yet. The prompt also informed that Breeze, the latest map in VALORANT is removed from competitive.

Valorant is still a relatively new title and there is a high chance that some bugs might slip past developers and make their way into the game with every new update. Riot Games frequently release new patches for Valorant and recently, Yoru was the latest addition to the game.

Yoru was added in January and quickly became a favourite agent for many due to his versatile kit which allows instant rotations, teleports and equips flashes as well. His ultimate ability even contains a short period of invulnerability. Some players experimented with his abilities and discovered some bugs.

Some of these bugs were very crucial which gained Yoru mains an unfair advantage if the opponents could not understand how to tackle it. Yoru could have been possibly taken down due to a recent game-breaking bug which allowed him to teleport into the pyramids in Breeze.

A video showcasing this bug was uploaded on YouTube and some even pointed out the fact that players can plant the Spike inside of the pyramids, making it almost impossible to retake the round. Riot has supposedly taken a note of this situation and removed Yoru as well as Breeze.

Currently, Breeze map is only unavailable in competitive or ranked mode but players can enjoy it in unranked and other modes. The reason for disabling Breeze is same as Yoru, where Riot Games has stated that it is taken down due to a bug. Yoru mains will have to wait for some time before playing their favourite agent in Valorant once again.

Divyesh Moghe
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