xQc to delay his 60 days subathon till the end of the year

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Felix Lengyel aka xQc has announced the delay of his 60 days subathon that was scheduled for the month of June until Q4 i.e later this year.

 Ludwig Ahgren’s subathon that lasted a month between 14th of March to 14th of April is a prime example of what it can yield. Ahgren managed to dethrone Ninja and come out as the most subbed Twitch streamer. xQc was supposed to follow suit in the upcoming month only to think better off it and hold back until later this year.

Lengyel believes that he has a good chance of beating Ahgren if he hosts the 60-days subathon at the end of the year. According to him, if the 60 days in Quarter 4 will be ideal to beat Ahgren by a long shot.  “We’ll beat the record, by a longshot.” he said.

xQc finds the end of the year to be a much more lucrative time to kick start the 60 days stream as he admitted earning the “big bucks” is easier at the end of the year. “I’ve thought about it, [and] I’m not doing it [next month],” he said. “My five-head thinking is doing it Q4. Ads are going to be so wild. The closer you are to Q4… they’re madness!” he added. “Two times, three times as big!”.

It is no secret that the delay would disappoint the fans but an xQc subathon promises to bring enough drama that the long wait would totally be worth it. If xQc believes that pushing it to the end of the year will be enough for him to come out on top then it is worth the wait.