Yesterday, Spellan took to Twitter to describe his situation in Windigo in the past 10 month

In a Twittlonger post, Spellan accused the CEO of the Windigo,Maksym ‘GuunaR’ Bednarskyi of not having paid him his salary for 10 months after being benched from the team and also set an extremely high buyout so that Spellan couldn’t play for another organisation in the prime of his career

In his response, the CEO threatened to kill the player if the accusation weren’t proved only to clarify that it was a “meme”

The “meme” being referred to originated/ from a tweet by INTZ Esports player Vito ‘kNgV-‘ Giuseppe.

In September 2017, kNg told Pujan ‘FNS’ Mehta “you’ll prove it or I’ll kill you”, after FNS accused kNg and his teammates of being intoxicated in the grand final of DreamHack Montreal

Spellan was also ready to show a record of his bank transactions with Windigo to further strengthen his claims. However, before a reply was made, Gunnar’s Twitter account was terminated.