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Here’s Why Dr. Disrespect Won’t Stream Apex Legends on YouTube

A year ago, popular video game streamer Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm had confirmed to his fans that he would never play the battle royale again. While he seems to like the battle royale a bit better now, he has explained why he can’t stream it on YouTube.

In one of his recent streams, Doc explained to his fans why he can’t play Apex Legends on his YouTube streams.

When asked by a donator if the fans will be able to see Dr. Disrespect play Apex Legends in the future, he claimed that although he’d like to, he can’t play it.

“I mean I can, but the problem with YouTube is that they have no streaming community,” the Doc said.

He then proceeded to explain that in order to get a decent viewership, he needs to stick to “top three or top four most popular games.”

“If I just casually move over to Apex, a game that’s old, a year or two. I mean, sh*t,” he continued.

He also joked that he might lose 95% of his viewership if he chooses to start streaming Apex Legends on his YouTube channel.

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