When will it snow in GTA Online

The holiday season generally means a lot for Grand Theft Auto Online. Over the years we have seen several updates get implemented to the game that adds a plethora of Christmas-centric elements. The heist is one of the game’s chief attraction but there are several items surrounding it that gives the game a makeover.

While everyone may not have expected so many events and quest from Rockstar given a new GTA game is on its way. Fans assumed that the developers will allocate all resources to the new game but to everyone’s surprise, we have the updates that we wanted from Rockstar.

When Will It Snow In GTA Online?

With there being so many elements, the main item that gives off a Christmas vibe has been the snow. Snow indicates the arrival of Winter and is a key ingredient that brings joy to the hearts of every player. Although it hasn’t happened yet, suffice it to say that it will snow in Los Santos.

We are well in the winter season and it hasn’t happened yet so everyone is inquisitive about when it will snow. Although the snow never comes with an announcement but rest assured Rockstar won’t miss out on such an important thing. Although they haven’t announced it yet it is safe to assume that it will happen shortly.

There is no plus point to snowing besides the aesthetics but it adds that extra fun element to the game, if anything at all it makes driving more difficult. Snow has always represented a fun element in the game so it becomes a major part of the winter update.

To conclude, Rockstar will definitely bring it to the game at some point but at the moment we are lacking an official announcement. Players must hold their horses and hope that Rockstar doesn’t let them down.

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