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What does MIT mean in Overwatch 2

Overwatch 2 developers keep adding new features with every update and in the recent one, they have changed the way players looked at stats in real-time.

Players can now access to new information that was not accessible earlier and the scoreboard look has changed as well. With all the new abbreviations coming into the picture, you might be wondering what things like MIT means in Overwatch 2. Find out what it exactly means.

The recent update has enabled players to track the characters that opponents can avail of and crucial information like their healings and other things as well. This means that players can now change their strategies in real-time as well.


The statistics board has changed its overall look and things like new abbreviations for KDA and other things have started to appear in the game. Here is the list of things and what that actually mean:

  • E – Eliminations
  • A – Assist
  • DMG – Damage Dealt
  • D – Deaths
  • MIT – Damage Mitigated

As mentioned above, MIT stands for Damage Mitigated in Overwatch 2 and what this means is that all the damage that is mitigated comes under this block. It includes damage sustained on the shield as well as damage blocked by abilities. A perfect example of this situation would be Orisa’s Fortify.

This is similar to how players perceive their shield in titles like MOBA titles. In this, tanky characters can easily keep a track of how much damage they can sustain or “mitigate”, giving them an overview on how they should play in certain situations.

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