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Watch: Gamers celebrate Independence Day in GTA V

Indian gamers expressed their love for nation and games at the same time on Independence Day. Various GTA V players in India beautifully celebrated this year’s Independence Day in-game in the online servers and offline mods as well. Gamers like Os triCh, Mandeep is Gamer and Preet Creator flaunted their patriotism and game skills to create a wonderful Independence Day celebration ingame in their own ideal way.

Os triCh dedicated his Independence Day celebration video to Indian Army and made some absolutely charming sequences in their video. They used a tricolour theme honouring the Indian Flag and resprayed the tanks and insurgent pick-up trucks and arranged them in Orange, White and Green colour order.

V-65 Molotok aircraft was used with customised colour smokes to create a beautiful replica of actual planes flying in national ceremony of Independence Day.

credits: Os triCh Youtube

Other YouTubers like Mandeep is Gamer and Preet Creator made a parody video of flag hoisting ceremony and a parade of customised vehicles donning Indian Flag at the top. Their videos mostly feature their own gameplay and a part of that is the Independence Day ceremony.

credits: Preet Creator

Following are the stills from Mandeep is Gamer’s video:

This wonderful crossover between a gamer’s love for game and nation and expressing his patriotic nature through creating such amazing content in games like GTA V form such amusing things that are unique as well as beautiful to look at. Many more Youtubers have created some form of Independence Day themed content across various games as well.

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