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Online Gaming Racket of $150 Million busted by Hyderabad Police

Hyderabad police have arrested four men including one Chinese national after busting a huge online gaming racket which was worth ₹1,100 Crore as per transactions traced by the Police. Most of these transactions occurred during the lockdown period.

The investigation was initially started to trace down two transactions of ₹97,000 and ₹1,64,000 which were lost to online gambling. After some investigation it was unearthed that the racket was much more bigger with a lot of complications.

“The Modus Operandi in this crime involved a social media platform called Telegram. They created a group on telegram and entries were allowed only through some sort of reference. This reference could be of system administrator or the existing member of the group. Members used to get commissions for new entry”, says Anjani Kumar, Hyderabad Police commissioner.

These groups were used to direct the users to websites and place bets or play online games on it. The websites were changed on a regular basis and the domains were traced back to China and cloud data hosting services are situated in USA.

The websites were programmed to operate in such a way that people lost money in long durations and many others were scammed by phishing and similar methods. All the companies involved are allegedly controlled by a China-based firm named “Beijing T Power”

The four arrested men are charged according to IPC section 420 for cheating and section 120B for conspiracy and under Telangana Gaming Act.

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