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Watch Dr Disrespect and Courage get csgo’d

Dr Disrespect might dominate the competition in titles like Fortnite, PUBG and Apex Legends, but his skills in CSGO are still superficial. While hosting his Triple Threat Challenge series which has been a staple part of his channel, where he chooses three competitive games and takes on them one by one making sure that a match is won before he occupies himself with the next one.

Yesterday, uncharacteristically, Doc chose five games for his Twitch series. He along with CouRage from 100 Thieves accomplished their challenge for Fortnite, Modern Warfare and Halo before finally going for Counter-Strike. It is safe to say Doc is far off from dominating the average player base of the game. Doc and CouRage signed up for a wingman match in Overpass which gave us quite a few hilarious moments to treasure.

A series of failed utility left both the streamers and their viewers in laughter. Doc after hilariously coming out of short tunnel near the B Bombsite flashed his own teammate and his grenade ricochet off the wall, back towards them probably leading to a small amount of team damage. The string of errors, however, didn’t cost them the round, they were successfully able to build on their lead before closing the match with a 9-4 scoreline and presumably giving up on CSGO for a while.

Their next foray was in EA title Apex legends which showed us a much more refined and confident Doc. Doc and CouRage were able to grind out a victory within an hour of playing which is definitely a respectable competition time considering how a battle royale is played out.

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