Watch Dogs Legion’s online mode delayed

The online mode for Watch Dogs: Legion was originally scheduled to arrive towards the end of 2020.

In a recently released statement on their official website, Ubisoft has informed fans that they’re postponing the launch of the multiplayer mode of their newest title Watch Dogs: Legion till 2021.

The reason behind this sudden delay, as mentioned by the developers themselves, is the influx of problems the action-adventure title has been facing since its release on October 29th.

“As part of our commitment to fixing the game’s issues, we’ve decided to delay the Online mode of Watch Dogs: Legion to early 2021,” Ubisoft said in the statement. “This will allow us to focus on fixing issues with single player, and it will give us more time to test the Online experience to help ensure a smooth launch of the mode.”

The multiplayer mode of Watch Dogs: Legion is set to enable players to complete co-op missions in parties of four and allow them to take part in exclusive multiplayer game modes.

While no specific release date has been scheduled for the multiplayer release of Watch Dogs: Legion as of yet, Ubisoft has confirmed that it’ll arrive in “early 2021.” Till then, the devs will focus on improving the single-player experience of the title.

“As an immediate next step, this week, we are releasing Update 2.20 to PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Stadia,” the devs said. “The update will add a manual Save Game button to PC, as well as bring further stability improvements for Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, and PlayStation 4”