Vitality to EPICENTER 2019 grand final over Heroic


Vitality have advanced to the grand final of EPICENTER 2019 after taking down Heroic 2-0 (16-12 on Vertigo, and 16-12 on Inferno).

Ranked #21 on, Heroic did start their Semifinal B03 Series Vs Vitality on the Vertigo with Es3tag stepping up with a crisp 2k to win the pistol round on their T side. But the Frenchmen did show up with Alex securing the second round with a tactical 2k with his Desert Eagle. This loss did deal a heavy blow off to Heroic’s morale with Alex the Trojan horse shutting the Danes down with a defending 3k on the B site. Things did improve for Heroic later as b0RUP did open up the B site for business to secure the 8th round on Heroic’s pages and Cadian going for an aggressive 3k on the A site to earn them 5-10 when they switched sides. A collective effort from the Heroic duo of Cadian and es3tag saw them win the Pistol round by successfully defusing the C4. But with inconsistency still on the clock, the Danes did manage to win some close rounds but the Frenchmen did stop their building alliance by hook or crook. Vitality did outclass Heroic by going up 1-0 with Alex and Shox doing the honours by successfully defending the planted C4 on B site.

Starting on the defensive side, the Danes did win their Pistol round with a successful retake on the B Site. Winning the pistol round, they raced into the map with a healthy 4-0 lead but were soon stopped by the Frenchmen who did roar back with Zywoo and Alex squaring out the score. With 4-4. The Danes did show some resistance on their defence but couldn’t match up with ZyWoo’s awareness when the Young Frenchman did clutch a 1v3 while defending the planted C4 on the A site in the 10th round. The Aftermath did make Heroic step up with their collective effort to build up a brilliant defence on the A site hence closing the half with an 8-7 scoreline. But the Danes were unable to keep the pace with Vitality taking away the pistol round on their CT side with a successful retake and a swift 3k from ZyWoo. Snappi did try to step up after a slow start in the series with a 3k to win the 19th round with a 3k but he too didn’t keep up to the mark. We did see Team Heroic make some HEROIC plays with a semi buy to win the 24th round and hence giving themselves some hope in Vitality’s pick. Sadly things didn’t go in Team Heroic’s way as Alex did snap away from the series 2-0 with a quad kill by defending the B site from an aggressive play on the Banana.

They would now wait for the Mousesports Vs. Evil Geniuses game-winner to play against in the final.

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