Vici Gaming win ONE Esports Dota 2 Singapore World Pro Invitational

Photo via ONE Esports

Running through their brackets, Evil Genuises and Vici Gaming faced-off in the Grand Finals of One Esport Dota 2 World Pro Invitational in a Best-of-Five series where VG cleaned EG with a solid 3-0 series scoreline.

Just about the day before yesterday, EG demolished Gambit with a 2-0 one-sided victory. After the game, Arteezy was interviewed asking who you think are the teams that will be making ahead from the Matchups. Arteezy took no time saying he is surprised by VG having such a rough Group Stage and they are so much stronger than what they have performed.

Artour had sensed it already that it was coming.

All of the three games played today looked like VG had answers for everything EG had put on the table.

Game 1, EG settled for a mobile draft Artour on his Phantom Lancer, Abed Invoker, Ramzes Beastmaster, while VG was able to run through them with a tanky Eurus Magnus, backed up by Ori’s free hitting Viper and the signature Pyw’s Disruptor setting the playground for VG.

Game 2, EG tried to be aggressive and managed to since the start putting RTZ on Gryo, Abed Razor, Ramzes Omniknight against Eurus Drow, Ori Viper, Pyw Rubick. Tables turned when one of the gank EG overcommitted, forced buyback on Viper but Pyw stole Guardian Angel and EG fought near VG’s shrine leading EG lose four heroes and momentum turn, since then things went on within VG’s favour.

Game 3, carrying the momentum from last game and VG looking to end things here they were able to draft in two signature heroes for themselves getting Eurus on Slark and Pyw’s Disruptor in opposition to RTZ Void, Ramzes Enigma. EG had a good team fight but VG had much sustained and the Aghanim Slark was too slippery and free hitting backed up by his friends. At times Pyw’s disruptor kept EG controlled as well.