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Visa declines for Ti6

Teams attending The International are facing issues with Visa rejection

This is the third time when Xue ‘September’ Zhi Chuan’s visa is declined for ti6.

September, a support player of LGD Gaming who are invited to ti6 directly fails to get visa the third time for their support star September.

Having invited directly to ti6, LGD announced recently, They will not be able to attend the event with their full roster due to Visa issues. While this announcement was made, September’s visa was already denied 2 times. Since it was unclear regarding the 3rd attempt of Sep’s visa. He recently posted on his Weibo page stating it was rejected.

LGD Gaming’s statement after Second rejection.

” Because of education history issues, September and new manager ReBorN0405’s visas have been denied twice. We are currently contacting Perfect World and Valve and are preparing for a third attempt. ”

visa declines for ti6

LGD’s management states they are contacting Valve and Perfect world for any kind of help they can get.

This situation of Visa getting declined is not only a problem for Chinese countries, but also for Filipino teams who have qualified for wild card i.e Execration and TNC who qualified first form SEA region.

Exectration and TNC also got their visas declined for Seattle, both the teams are now reapplying for the visa.

Execration on Social Media

TNC on Social Media

The Philippines dream to attend TI since there are now two teams who will be competing in the tournament is now in danger. TNC who qualified and Execration playing for the wildcard slot shows the potential of the country from where they belong.

Statement form TNC’s Manager

” This is the dream of every Dota 2 player, not just for our players but for everyone. Especially sa Filipino community. It’s been awhile that Pinoy teams have participated in the International. This time, we have two. This is not a negative thing to look at. This clearly means that eSports is growing big. Now, they are considering the players as real athletes, that’s why they are requiring P1 Visas. We would like to thank Valve and Sen. Bam Aquino for trying to help us in the process to make it to TI6. All of these are okay, it’s all for the growth of eSports. ”

Statement from Execration’s Manager

” It has been an emotional roller coaster ride for us, this is actually turning out to be harder than the qualifiers. It has been the dream of our team to qualify to The International 6 since TI1 and now that it finally happened, we’re facing this visa issues and it’s emotionally exhausting to be honest. We are thankful to Senator Bam and Valve for helping us out throughout this process. Hopefully, somehow some way we get our visas in time for the event. ”

Senators have now started supporting eSport in their country and they will be helping teams like TNC and Execration to attain visa for The international 6.

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Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
Vishal 'Arrow' Gupta
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