The summit 5

Ad Finem will go to LA this Summer for The Summit 5 LAN occasion as Virtus.Pro concede that they had Vega Squadron’s convey Vladimir “No[o]ne” Minenko playing in diversion four of the EU qualifiers Grand Finals, without properly gaining permission from the organizers.

The Grand Finals was in question on 29th of May which we reported, when in a match between Virtus.Pro and Ad Finem, there was unusual halt for over 15 minutes amid the third round of the game, when Ilya “ALOHADANCE” Korobkin allegedly lost connectivity. Toward the end of the 10 minutes standard interruption VP requested an additional two, expressing that ALOHADANCE had gone to a local internet cafe to play the remaining game and was holding up having asked for a code (Steam Authentication Code) to enter the delayed game.

Even though after the kind hospitality from Ad Finem to offer their share of the pause, it didn’t stop Virtus.Pro to play a dirty card and they got ‘Noone’ in a fraudulent mannger from ALOHA’s account, while ALOHA also nearly tried to fool everybody when he updated “now my internet works” from his twitter to add some reality in their drama.

“We apologize to the fans team tournament the BTS, the opposing team and the Dota 2 community.We recognize that broke the rules, and we understand that we can not continue in the tournament. Tomorrow we shall understand in detail the situation and give the unwrapped comment.” said VP representative in a statement shortly after BTS team investigated into this.

It is both shocking and devastating to see such a cheap move from one of the renowned eSports organization in the world. And in-spite of having disqualified from the event, they might as well come under Valve’s scanner for desperately attempting to cheat.