Manila Major

Manila Major is an event by Valve corporation for the community of Dota 2 (Defense of the ancients) followed by the most awaited “The International 2016” (Ti6) and the final major for this year by Valve Corporation.

Post The International 5, Valve announced the schedule for next year until Ti6 which will include 3 Major events and an International. The Major events are under valve and organised by a third party organizer, for Manila Major, it’s PGL.

Manila being the last major event for the year after Frankfurt Major & Shanghai Major, it is expected that the Manila Major will be a grand success as compared to the other past major events by valve i.e Frankfurt and Shanghai Majors.

What makes The Manila Major a hyped event is the recent ESL One Event executed with lowest possible errors and a massive crowd response which creates a spectacular ambiance at the event as well as for the viewers and players.

The event kick’s off from June 3rd, Friday, 06:00 IST / June 03, Friday, 04:00 CEST

Manila Major includes a whooping prize pool of 3,000,000$ distributed among the participating teams.

Prize Pool Distribution

Place USD $ Percent %
1st $1,110,000 37%
2nd $405,000 13.50%
3rd $315,000 10.50%
4th $255,000 8.50%
5th-6th $202,000 6.75%
7th-8th $105,000 3.50%
9th-12th $45,000 1.50%
13th-16th $30,000 1%

Invited and Qualified Teams


Manila Major


Four groups composed of four teams each.
Top two teams of each group advance to the Upper Bracket of the Main Event,
the other teams advance to the Lower Bracket.

Groups can Be found here

Manila Major Groups
Manila Major Groups

A Tip for People travelling to Manila MajorsManila Major Currency


Currency used in Philippines is Philippine Peso

1 $ = 46.63 Philippine Peso

1€ = 52.04 Philippine Peso

1£ = 67.39 Philippine Peso

1¥ = 7.09 Philippine Peso

(The Above rates are the approximate prices, it may differ on the day of travel)

For more information about the tournament visit the Official Website.