Virtus Pro accused of player swap during Summit 5 Finals

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Regional qualifiers of The Summit 5 have finished on 29th May and Virtus.Pro dominantly takes the win against Ad Finem (AF) with a score of 3-1 and qualified for the main event.

Virtus Pro was added to the tier 2 regional qualifiers with Team Empire, Ad Finem and Alliance where VP did not drop a single game.

The Summit 5 will be played at the BTS house in Los Angeles with eight teams participating for the prize pool of 100,000$. The four teams qualified from the regional qualifiers are Wings Gaming, Virtus Pro, Fnatic and Digital Chaos.

Virtus Pro accused for player swap during Summit 5 Finals.

While ‘Noone’ was streaming a game, he suddenly abandoned the game and said he was asked to play for VP. The vod is now been deleted but the viewers confirmed the same on Reddit. Game can be found here (He was playing Sven) from his smurf account.

As we all know about the pause time of game 3 during The Summit 5 EU regional qualifiers was long enough for admins to wait, admins started pushing up the teams to resume the game with quick re-connection. With that fng said something like ‘Please, 2 more minutes, his PC’s asking for a code, because he went to an internet cafe to play’ which aloha never went as per the discussions and he was waiting for his internet to get back at home. Ad Finem agreed to wait for 2 more minutes with that excuse made by fng, but there was no re-connection (Reason : The source 2 client never allows to reconnect from a different computer). After waiting for some time the game was resumed as it took lot of time for ‘aloha’ to get back. VP played the game 4v5 and lost the game soon.

As we go to the game 4 of the Final. VP connected with all five players including alohadance and drafted a juggernaut as carry.

It was surprising to see the arrangement of his items was same as Noone’s and mainly the professional players do not change their positioning of boots.


Juggernaut Game from The Summit 5 Finals (Dotabuff)

Observe the item arrangements from alohadance.

alohadance juggernaut items arrangement
Alohadance Juggernaut (Dotabuff)

Noone's item arrangements
Noone’s item arrangements (Dotabuff)

With the screenshots above it clearly specifies that there can be a chance of player swap during a live tournament which is indeed unethical. Admins hosting the Pro tournaments needs to be more detailed about the players play style to avoid such kind of practices.

BTS is now looking into the matter and surely investigate about this.

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