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Virtex partners with Skybox Technologies to welcome Counter Strike as the first major esports title to join Virtex Stadium 

2th April, London: Software developer Virtex is excited to announce its partnership with spectating and analysis platform Skybox that will see the hugely popular competitive gaming title CS:GO and its successor CS2 introduced to its Virtex Stadium platform, the world’s first virtual esports stadium, for the very first time.

Skybox is a spectating and analysis solution for competitive titles and will provide the real-time data and 3D game recreations to Virtex Stadium that will allow Counter-Strike gameplay to be viewed by spectators from every angle. They have been working alongside Virtex for the past year on the integration of Counter-Strike maps into the stadium and ensuring key modes and tools such as gameplay features and map control function smoothly, enabling a world first immersive 3D viewing experience. 

Currently available on closed beta, via desktop and on compatible VR headsets, fans that enter the Virtex Stadium lobby will be immediately immersed in its 3D viewing experience. In the very near future they will be able to broadcast Counter-Strike matches to the Virtex Stadium and experience every play in all its glory. The power is firmly in each gamer’s hands and they can choose to spectate each round from a seat in the stadium or take full control by diving into the map and getting up close for every opening duel, site retake, and nail-biting clutch. 

This 3D experience of being able to view gameplay from the centre of the stadium is a world first and it forms the foundation of Virtex’s ambition to become home to the most memorable and unique events in gaming. Experiencing those breathtaking moments at the same time unifies the fan collective and this is guaranteed by everyone in the stadium receiving the same synced live stream.

Once ready, fans are free to enter the lobby and move into the lounge bar and main hall, relaxed hangout spaces perfect for meeting with friends and other fans, and together they can discover some of the games and fun interactions are hidden here. By removing local limitations, Virtex Stadium allows fans to watch their favorite live events alongside friends and family, wherever they are in the world. 

We are thrilled to be introducing a massive title like Counter Strike to the Virtex Stadium and giving more fans the opportunity to enjoy top-level gameplay in a way that’s never been done before. As the third most-watched esport last year, CS:GO already has an enormous following and we’re excited to be working with Skybox to deliver a 360° spectating experience unique to every fan. As a die-hard esports fan I can’t wait to announce more of the upcoming tournaments we are set to feature in the stadium.” said Virtex co-founder Tim Mcguinness.   

Virtex Stadium was birthed by co-founders Tim Mcguinness and Christoph Ortlepp after meeting at a VR League Finals event in 2019 where they realized they shared a vision for redefining the esports fan experience. Former Team Gravity Echo VR player, Tim Mcguinness was casting at the time and after sharing a very early prototype of Virtex Stadium immediately convinced tech entrepreneur Christoph Ortlepp of its potential. This eventually led to Virtex being founded in 2020.

“I met the Virtex team in 2021 and from the first discussion, it was clear we shared the same passion and drive to enhance the gamer experience through digital innovation. Virtex were firmly focused on recreating the live stadium experience in a virtual reality environment and we believed this to be a great touch point for our real-time technology and game recreations.”

“The Virtex guys have done an outstanding job at building out the Virtex Stadium over the past year. We are proud that via the Skybox & Virtex partnership fans can soon experience live Counter-Strike in a whole new way. It’s an exciting time for our respective companies and we are looking forward to continuing our partnership with additional game titles and new experiences” said Ethan Cooper, CEO of Skybox Technologies.

Counter-Strike becomes the second esports title to feature on the platform, following Echo VR’s integration to the Virtex Stadium last year, and demonstrates Virtex’s intention to bring more high quality entertainment to Virtex Stadium and deliver an experience that will leave fans breathless. This partnership with Skybox is just the beginning and more announcements for additional Counter-Strike tournaments and esports titles joining Virtex Stadium will follow in the coming months.

You can find out more information about Virtex, Virtex Stadium and how to become a beta tester at www.virtexstadium.com

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