VCC Main Event Group Stage: By the Numbers

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As we draw closer to the knockout phase of Valorant Conquerors Championship, there is a lot to look at from the numbers’ perspective as far as the VCC Main Event Group Stage is concerned.

Eight teams, two groups, 10 matches and 3 days later, we got our four qualifying teams for the knockout phase – Velocity Gaming, Team Exploit, Global Esports and Enigma Gaming. Let us take a statistical look at the VCC Main Event Group Stage.

The Outperformers

As we see often, the Jett players at VCC reigned supreme during the Group Stage. However, Akram ‘rawfiul’ Virani outperformed every other player, recording an ACS of 319.3. Ganesh ‘SkRossi’ Gangadhar recorded an average ACS of 314.5 while playing lesser number of rounds compared to rawfiul.

The Damage Dealers

SkRossi may not have been able to be the best in the VCC Main Event in terms of ACS but the GE duelist was the highest damage dealer, getting in 198.3 damage per round. No one came close to the former Bl4ZE star, with rawfiul coming in second with 166.3 ADR.

The Accuracy Efficacy

In terms of finding enemy’s heads, Mustafa ‘shooterR’ Kamal topped the list in the Group Stage, with a headshot percentage of 36. Abhirup Paul ‘Lightningfast’ Choudhury, Shreyas ‘Moonlight’ Shrestha and Saharyar ‘BadMan’ Shaikh weren’t far behind, finding heads in 32% of their kills.

The OPeners

Well, the first kill is often overpowered as it hands the team an advantage that can very well shape their entire round. rawfiul was once again the protagonist in this situation, coming up with a first kill every four rounds, the same as as VLT star Mohit ‘mw1’ Wakle.

The Clutchmeisters

Anuj ‘Amaterasu’ Sharma, Vibhor ‘Vibhor’ Vaid, Shakir ‘hikka’ Razak, Sameer ‘godvexy’ Sharma and Abdul Sami ‘k1ng’ Khero shared the spoils, converting four clutches each. However, in terms of the differentiator, k1ng converted with better proficiency, winning 40% of his clutch situations.

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