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Vandal Beats Phantom As The ‘Deadliest’ Valorant Weapon

Riot has revealed the statistics on the kill count of the best Valorant weapons, and it seems like Vandal is leading the charts.

The Phantom vs Vandal debate has continued to divide the Valorant player base since the early days of its release, but it seems now we may have an answer to it.

Based on some recent statistics revealed by Riot through their social media handles, it seems like Vandal may have a slight edge over Phantom.

Photo: Valorant Twitter

According to the stats, Vandal currently has the highest number of kills in the title since its launch in June 2020. It is trailed by Phantom, which is its counterpart with a faster fire rate but lower damage at long distances. Surprisingly enough, the #3 spot is occupied by the SMG Spectre.

However, this information isn’t enough to prove that Vandal is the better weapon overall. Not only is the chart based solely on the kill counts of each weapon, but it might also reflect the popularity of Vandal over Phantom rather than its actual effectiveness in-game.

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