The player models introduced in the Shattered Web update for CS:GO had faced a lot of love and hate reaction from the community. While most players were welcoming to the idea of using new character models in the game just like weapon cosmetics, many of the veterans who were used to the default models didn’t like the idea of adapting to the newer ones added into the game. Many players complained that it was hard to react to the greener player models on Cache which itself is a very green map, some also found it difficult to spot the player models on Mirage which were on the yellower side of the spectrum just like the map. The possibility of camouflage due to similar colour of player models and maps might seem pretty small, but players were already abusing this to gain a slight bit of advantage on certain maps like mentioned above. CSGO is a very competitive shooter and even the smallest of the advantage can cost you a match, the idea of using particular player models on certain maps to gain an advantage is simply against the idea of competitive gameplay and makes the game unfair.

After their introduction into the game, most of the 3rd party matchmaking clients like FACEIT didn’t waste much time in disabling the player models on their servers to promote the spirit of competitive gameplay. This move of FACEIT had earned a lot of praises from the community and was highly welcomed. Although, in a recent turn of events a Reddit user by the name of griizzylyyc found out that FACEIT has re-enabled players models on their Mythic hub. His investigations led him to contact one of the FACEIT admins of the hub who explained that the move came in light of VALVE forcing FACEIT to re-enable player models on their servers. The user has uploaded screenshots of his conversation with the admin where the admin can clearly be seen pointing out that this move of VALVE is only concerned with generating more revenue for them by pushing users to buy their players skins more.

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