Brazilian side Detona have confirmed the signing of Filipe “fp1” Caires to their starting five which will see Matheus “prt” Scuvero going inactive hence facing towards an unforeseeable future.

Starting off their new year on a potential note, DETONA’s future team plans and the chemistry really bank on this latest addition as the former INTZ player has a lot to prove on his plate. Removing prt should not be a act of regret as he did help the team to compete at the ESL Pro League Season 9 finals held in Montpellier, France earlier in 201, later on winning the OMEN Atlantic Challenge tournament by defeating Movistar Riders, Heretics and eXploit and finishing 2nd with the team at Gamers Club Masters IV after falling to their Brazilian counterparts Team pain in the Grand Finale.

fp1 will now feature in the DETONA’s future matches as they are scheduled to compete at the WESG 2019 Brazil online qualifier for a spot at the WESG 2019 Brazil Finals.

With this new addition, DETONA now has:

  • Vinicius “vsm” Moreira
  • André “tiburci0” Rossetto
  • Matheus “Tuurtle” Anhaia
  • Lucas “Lucaozy” Neves
  • Filipe “fp1” Caires
  • Henrique “rikz” Waku (coach)