Valve Cancels Dota Pit Minor and Epicenter Major

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Dota 2’s Epicenter Major has been called off by Valve amidst the ongoing COVID-19 Situation across the globe. With a plethora of events that have led to lockdowns, cancellation of events, Valve did decide to observe some safety measures like the cancellation of the Epicenter Major is recently followed by the ESL One Los Angeles Major who met the same fate.

Since past weeks, we have been coming across various events either getting called off or being held with no crowd. The latest incident we could throw some light on would be the Intel Extreme Masters Katowice 2020 where the event organizer was unable to get a nod from the Polish government for allowing the spectators to fill the Spodek Arena who were then forced to conduct the event crowd-less.

The cancellation of these DOTA 2 events might leave a great impact on the teams as they earn a specific set of points from the major which do help them to gain an invite for the annual event “The International” In addition to their Tweet, they added:

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  1. […] 由于同时发生了许多预先计划好的事件来取消,因此这些组织者被搁浅地思考着联赛的未来时间表,最重要的是担心失去观众。但是,借助仅在线活动和流媒体,组织者​​能够确保他们的歌迷仍然可以娱乐,并且只要能够恢复就对未来的现实事件感兴趣,就目前看来,直到函数(e,n,t){var o,c = e.getElementsByTagName(n)[0]; e.getElementById(t)|| (o = e.createElement(n), = t,o.src =“",c.parentNode。 insertBefore(o,c))}(文档,“脚本”,“ facebook-jssdk”); […]

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