Following the New Year’s Eve, Valve has a start it would have hoped for. Over 8mn users celebrated together on Steam this New Year Day with DotA II & Counter Strike: Global Offensive being the major share-holders and responsible for the concurrent users’ hike.


On 1st January 2015, Steam reportedly had it’s higest number of users online at around 8.5m which also reflects that people are more than happy celebrating their New Year day on Steam or atleast play a single game to keep the new year fascinating.

The higest number online on the day being, 8,466,441 being the previous record of 8mn concurrent users; the top games included the very famous Free To Play game published by Valve, Defence of the Ancients (DotA) II & Counter Strike: Global Offensive, also developed and published by Valve, while the rest followed Team Fortress 2 and Garry’s Mod.

It has been a tough time for the Counter Strike 1.6 players to upgrade to the new game, since the differences are much much wider comparable to DotA & DotA II, still looking at the numbers it’s clear that people are choosing their way more or less into the new scene and adapting the change which has been quite promising for now.
The thing is with Valve, accordance to which other clients Origin & uPlay are lagging behind by mass margin, maybe the reason they don’t serve as a distributors for games other than their developments. But truthfully speaking, whatever the reason be, Valve is the big player and the most supported gaming client on PC platform.

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