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Valve announces changes to TI11 Battle Pass schedule for The International 2022

Valve is altering the TI11 Battle Pass timetable to ensure that gamers can grind for their rewards even after The International 2022 concludes in October.

The International has traditionally been months ahead of previous TI Battle Passes. This meant that gamers unlocked the things they wanted in past years by going through the Battle Pass well before the competitive event began.

Among some of the changes are the battle report feature and the introduction of marci into captains mode.

This year, Valve intends the TI11 Battle Pass to be available for “a significant amount of time following” The International 2022.

“We want to make sure that the time immediately following The International is the best time to play Dota,” the developer explained.

While there is no word on what will be included in the forthcoming Battle Pass, fans of the Dota: Dragon’s Blood: Book 2 Netflix drama can expect a new Arcana set and possibly new Personas for heroes.

Faceless Void, the lone runner-up in the yearly Arcana poll who has yet to receive his own set, is expected to be the next Arcana, according to the Dota 2 community. During The International 2018, Rubick defeated Faceless Void.

The Arcanas of the winning heroes are usually released in the store, while the Arcanas of the runners-up are added to the Battle Pass. For the last three heroes, Io, Windranger, and Queen of Pain, this has been the case.

Meanwhile, important characters from DOTA: Dragon’s Blood Season 2 like as Crystal Maiden, Winter Wyvern, and Lina may gain their own Personas in the next Battle Pass, with more specifics to be revealed at a later date.

While there has been no official confirmation from Valve, given that this year’s Battle Pass may last longer than normal, it’s possible that two special mini-games may be released instead of one. There may even be events akin to the first Aghanim’s Labyrinth, which was free to play but offered special rewards to those who purchased the Battle Pass.

If the Battle Pass has a longer length, Valve may split the time between numerous mini-games like Wrath of the Mo’rokai, Aghanim’s Labyrinth 3, Greevilings, or even Diretide.

That concludes the information available for the TI11 Battle Pass in Dota 2 for the year 2022.

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