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When Does the Valorant Night End?

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Valorant’s Night Market is a feature that enables players to get Valorant skins at prices much cheaper than their actual cost. Needless to say, the Valorant Night Market got some significant traction from the player base from the day of its initial release.

The Night Market offers players with attractive discounts on a total of six random skins. Out of the six randomized skins, each player receives a discount for in the Night Market, two are guaranteed to be premium edition skins. However, players have raised complaints about the system in the past, requesting a re-roll feature that Riot has not yet implemented in the Valorant Night Market.

To use the Valorant Night Market, players can simply go to the top-right corner of the Valorant main menu and click on the card icon. There, players will be able to see the six skins they receive exclusive discounts on, including the premium skins and choose to purchase them at significantly cheaper rates.

Valorant Night Market End Date

The Valorant Night Market that started on April 7th will end on April 20th. Players will have a total of 12 days to buy the skins that they want from the six they’re provided with.

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