Mlt Esport Wins Over Godlike Esports After a Gruesome Series

The 5th match between MLT Esports And Godlike Esports was a particularly long one, as the second map went a whopping 42 rounds due to overtime. MLT won 2-0, taking home the win after losing to True Rippers in their previous match.

MLT Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of MLT Esports comprised Atharv “Rio” Ahire as the IGL, Saharyar “BadmaN” Shaikh, Abhay “KnightRider” Mulchandani, Jay “BADlove” Patil, and Venkatesh “Venka” Sharma.

Godlike Esports Roster and Lineup

The roster of Godlike Esports consisted of Tejas “Rexy” Kotian as the IGL, Norbu “Karam1L” Tsering, Shakir “hikkA” Razak, Franz “Astro” del Rosario and Jude Patrick “Zey” Gunhuran. But due to the unavailability of the two imports due to visa issues, Kasif “Paradox” Sayed and Shailesh “Blackhawk” Dalvi were brought in as the last moment substitutes. 

Map Veto and Selection

Map veto consisted of GDL banning Icebox while MLT banned Lotus. Ascent was the first pick of GDL followed by MLT picking Haven. Split and Fracture were banned and the third map ended up being Pearl. 

Match Recap

On Ascent, MLT started off as defenders and Badlove won an amazing 1-on-1 to kickstart the campaign for MLT. After winning the consecutive round, they gave away a 1 vs 3 clutch to GDL Hikka.

MLT succeeded in keeping the round advantage, thanks to the amazing sniping skills of Knightrider on Killjoy and Venkabot’s unmatched aggressive picks. He finished the half at 7-5 with a 4k with his operator.

GDL manages to win the pistol round, and MLT decides to force the second round which they lost. MLT is forced to buy fewer weapons in the third round where GDL Hikka gets the 3rd ace of the tournament. MLT gets the momentum again by getting a flawless round and Knightrider shutting their aggression on defense with his unorthodox sniping style. The score gets equalized at 9-9. MLT catches momentum again and shuts GDL down at 13-11.

Haven started strong for MLT again as Knightrider secures the pistol round with a triple kill. After winning the second round, Knight almost converts the Bonus round for MLT into a win with a quadruple kill but runs out of time. GDL converts the 5th round into a thrifty win for them to which MLT answers back in round 6, winning a thrifty round themselves, owing to the quadruple kill by Badlove. Paradox secures the next round with 4 kills on his Jett knives. And the routine continues as Badman with his triple kill wins the thrifty round for MLT. MLT finishes the first half at 7-5.

Gold gets the pistol round and anti-eco with Karam1l stepping up for his team with his triple kills. Venkabot gets MLT their buy round with crispy 3 kills. Paradox gets an ace on 8-8, making it the 4th ace of the tournament. Karamil almost clutches a 1 vs 3 for GDL. GDL leads the map 12-9 when MLT decides to step up and finish the map at a whopping overtime score of 22-20.

This was the first time that a match went overtime in VCL SA.

The overtime rounds consisted of nail-biting close clutches and overthrown rounds of advantageous positions, by both teams.

GDL Karam1l dropped 41 kills on Killjoy but wasn’t enough for GDL to finish off the map, and MLT gets their first match win in VCL.