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 Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 2: What To Expect

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With the Episode 4 Act 2 update on the Horizon, we are looking at a series of agent updates and map reworks, although for the first time the agent roster won’t be seeing an addition to their ranks.

It’s just about time, Episode 4 Act 2 is shipped to Valorant but here we are, getting you all listed with every detail that is expected to come along with the update.

Earlier in January, Valorant developer Mrs Anna Donlon explained that the upcoming act wouldn’t feature any new agent or a map and would just focus on other aspects as mentioned above. 

She stated,

“Every product team has a roadmap full of amazing content and features that will really push VALORANT for the years to come. But you know what? Dreams like ours should be built on a super strong foundation and that is going to be the overall theme of Act II. Strengthening that foundation.”

The most anticipated Yoru rework might be introduced in Episode 4 Act 2, as a part of the Valorant patch 4.04. The rework will buff the agent with a plethora of changes which might prove to be a boon to the player-base while fielding the agent on the battlegrounds. 

Your’s Fakeout footsteps will be replaced by a carbon copy of duelist, tricking the players whether it’s the original one or just an illusion. Upon hitting the illusion, the latter would explode, debuffing all the players in the surroundings. In addition to this, a fake teleport is rumored to be added to his Gatecrash ability while he would now be able to use his other abilities in his ultimate, Dimensional Drift.

With the above, the Episode 4 Act 2 is set to bring out a brand new community-based battlepass which would be region – specific, based on the votes gathered from across every domain.

“So what does that mean? Well, first, and lets get it out of the way, there will be no new Agent or Map in Act II. Instead, lots and lots of updates that target Agent balance , existing maps, promoting good player behavior and an even better ranked experience. Things like that.

Here’s the thing. Sometimes you need to just take a minute. You need to take a look around and make sure things are the way they should be. And that’s what we are doing for this Act.

Valorant’s Episode 4 Act 2 is all set to arrive on March 1, 2022

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