Valorant to Receive New ‘Ruination’ Skin Bundle

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If you’re an avid League of Legends fan, you’re probably already aware of the upcoming ‘Sentinels of the Light’ that will arrive in the title on July 8th. The event will feature a bunch of new content including new Ruination-themed skins and a new champion, Akshan. 

Luckily, it seems like Valorant will also be receiving some of the love as data miners have leaked some new Valorant skins that hint towards a collab between Valorant and League of Legends, two of the most successful titles by Riot Games. 

Popular Valorant data-miner ‘ValorLeaks’ has revealed in a recent Tweet that Valorant is about to receive a new ‘Ruination’ skin bundle that will be based on League of Legends. The release date of the bundle might be the same as that of the ‘Sentinels of the Light’ event in League. 

The Tweet read, “We will most likely be seeing this bundle around July 8th as that is when the event starts for League. The bundle is currently known to include a Guardian.”

No further details regarding the Valorant Ruination bundle have been revealed yet, and neither has it been officially confirmed by Riot themselves. 

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