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Valorant to add Dust 2?

Dust 2 is one of the oldest and most legendary maps in tactical FPS,  the Morroco-based successor to Dust. Dust 2 was launched in March 2001 for Counter-Strike and has since been an integral part of the Counter-Strike franchise, with every CS edition introducing its take on Dust 2.

Dust 2 is the go-to map for every filthy casual, so much so that it has a separate queue in CS: GO Deathmatch.  

Valorant, the new kid in town, would want to create a map as iconic as Dust 2. A map etched in the hearts and minds of people, and Riot would like something similar for the maps they create for Valorant.

One such map is Pearl, the latest edition to the Valorant map pool. Many people feel the new map is CSGO-esque, which feels very similar to many CSGO maps. 

And just to add fuel to the fire, our in-house “go-to source for trustworthy and accurate VALORANT news.” The Valorant Times yesterday tweeted the following:

The Valorant times is a fun satirical Twitter handle to poke fun at the community or Riot’s Game. The latest tweet was something similar, intended to comment on how the latest Valorant map “Pearl” is CSGO-esque and reminds people of various other CS: GO maps.

The screenshots posted by the Valorant times seem like a legit map, and it almost baited a lot of Valorant Community to find out if Riot is adding Dust 2 as the new map. And why not, The map is legendary, and if Riot decides to work something out with Valve, they can add Dust 2 to Valorant. 

The tweet is just a clickbait, though, with the Screenshots from a video posted by DMITRY Senichkin of how Dust 2 would look like in Valorant. The video is six minutes long and shows the whole Dust 2 as a Valorant Map with doors, windows, spawns, and bomb sites redesigned for Valorant. You can check the entire video here.

The idea of Dust 2 in valorant is entertaining, though, But with Riot’s Tact FPS still young, I am sure there’d be maps that’d reach the status CSGO’s D2 did and would be as legendary as Dust 2 is.

With the latest map Pearl following the traditional design, it might even be Riot’s answer to the legend of Dust 2. For now, we have to enjoy Dust 2 in CSGO and Valorant separately. 

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