Skye was initially added to the game on October 27 with the deployment of Valorant patch 1.11. However, within a short period of time, patch 1.11 was rolled back amid a “technical nightmare”. The new patch had a bunch of bugs and performance issues making the game unplayable. The users faced FPS drops and stutters while some users reported being flooded with the texture of Sage while they walked through the Omen’s smoke.

Skye – the initiator from Australia seems promising with wide-ranging abilities. The skillset makes her ideal to execute bomb sites, take map control and clear choke-points through her flashes and concussion. On the contrary, she can also heal her mates within the radius. Her abilities includes regrowth, trailblazer, guiding light and the seeker ultimate.

Patch 1.11 was hyped primarily upon the inclusion of Skye – the thirteenth addition to the list of agents in Valorant and Icebox – new fifth map. The update included minor tweaks to Breach, Killjoy and Cypher. Besides several bug fixes, the update also added left-handed view model, changes to economic rewards at the round end, ‘play out all rounds’ feature in custom games and so forth.

The update was rolled back within hours. However, the developers pledged to “redeploy [patch 1.11] later in the week” and they have lived up to their promise.

Valorant ‘Skye’ New Release Date & Time

Skye will be added back to the game when the patch 1.11 goes live at 8:00 AM PT on November 02 in America. The servers in other regions will successively receive the latest update.

Skye will be immediately available post-patch, and Reaver will be available in the store the day after the patch.


The developers further clarified that Skye will be immediately available after the patch is deployed while the Reaver skins bundle will be available to be purchased on the store beginning November 03.