Valorant Servers will be down today for 2.09 Patch Maintenance

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Valorant servers will go offline for a scheduled maintenance from 14:00 PDT on May 11 as Riot looks forward to ship the brand new 2.09 update. This patch will see a new game mode called “Escalation” being introduced to the Valorant community which will reportedly let players on each team lock in on the same agent.

The new game mode has been inspired from League of Legends’ “One for all” mode, a title also by Riot. This will be followed by an agent nerf alongside minor changes on the recently launched map, “Breeze”.

The upcoming game mode, named ‘Replication’, was teased by Riot Games in a Tweet today. The attached video shows the initial looks at the new game mode.

Please note: For users in India, Valorant will be unavailable to play on May 12 from 2:30 AM IST. 

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