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Valorant Servers are down in North and South America

Valorant has grown to be one of the most popular multiplayer games, and with that growth has come a large player base and administration. If you are experiencing any, here is how to check for them and maybe discover a solution. Valorant players from North and South American regions are facing disconnection issues today on 14th November. Even though the Europe and APAC regions are working fine, the servers are down in the NA and SA regions apparently.

Several players have reported the issue from the NA and SA regions. Moreover, Riot has officially posted on its Service Status page about the disconnection issue.

We’re aware of a problem causing players to disconnect from their games and are investigating the problem.

Riot Games

Valorant is a game that has gained enormous popularity since its closed beta testing. With the game picking up speed, the game developers are also attempting to fix as many issues as possible, but some may still slip through the cracks.

How to check Valorant Server Status?

To monitor and fix any difficulties, you may largely rely on the official Valorant Twitter feed. The social media account is fairly active, and they frequently address complaints.

If the Valorant has already resolved your issue, you can be confident that the server will be operational again shortly. Riot Games has a Service Status page for each of its games.

The Valorant service status page contains a wealth of information on the duration of the server outage and the root cause of the problem. The page also lists the most current issues, and this is where you may report your concern.

If you still can’t discover the solution, you may go to the Valorant Support website and find a solution to practically every problem, and if you’re still not pleased, you can contact them.

It is advised that you look through each tab that may be of assistance to you and, most importantly, review the error codes page to resolve the most prevalent problems. We hope that after performing all of these troubleshooting steps, your problem has been addressed or solved.

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Aritra Patra
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