Valorant Servers Going Down For 5.07 Update: Maintenance Schedule

Valorant Patch 5.07

Valorant servers throughout the globe are expected to go down later today ahead of the 5.07 update. The October 4 Valorant maintenance will last for a few hours, and it will introduce the new patch 5.07 to the competitive shooter. 

Valorant patch 5.07 will bring a bunch of new improvements to the Riot Games title including changes to the kits of Reyna, Skye, KAY/O, and Yoru. These Agent changes will also be accompanied by some much-needed fixes for the bugs that have been haunting players for a while. 

While the detailed patch notes for Valorant 5.07 haven’t been revealed by Riot yet, we can get a decent idea about the contents of the upcoming update from the 5.07 PBE patch notes

Let’s take a look at the downtime and maintenance schedule for the Valorant 5.07 update across all regions. 

Valorant October 4 Maintenance Schedule

Taking a glance at the official Valorant server status page, we can see that the October 4th Valorant maintenance is scheduled for the following times:

Asia-Pacific: 14:00 PDT

Europe: 20:00 PDT

Korea: 14:00 PDT

South America: 06:00 PDT

North America: 06:00 PDT

The Valorant servers are likely to be put back up in only a few hours, with the 5.07 going live at the same time.