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Are Overwatch 2 Servers Down?

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The sequel to one of the best esport titles in Overwatch is finally here but it did not come without its fair share of troubles and issues. Overwatch 2 servers are having trouble connecting with the local clients but are they really down?

Many players have reported the Overwatch 2 server is not responding the way it is supposed to. Overwatch servers were taken down in order to facilitate room for Overwatch 2 but that did not age well. Thousands of players are logging in to play the game which may have resulted in the server malfunctioning.

Overwatch 2 servers are live now and the wave of traffic that it has attracted may be too overwhelming for it to deal with, thus several players may come across connectivity issues.

To check the status of Overwatch servers, head over to their official Twitter page where they promptly update anything that will be relevant to the players. As of now, it remains the most accurate and authentic way to find out if any server-related issues are plaguing the experience.

As of now, the servers are yet to go live so there aren’t any server-related issues, it is just the game will drop in the coming hours and everyone will be notified as soon as it goes live, so hold your horses before jumping into conclusion.

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