Valorant: New “Reverie” Skin Bundle Leaked

Valorant Reverie

Valorant, Riot’s FPS, has been a resounding success since its release in 2020, thanks to its unique blend of tactical shooting mechanics and ability-based gameplay along with a wide selection of incredible-looking cosmetics that entice the player base to grind the game out.

Dataminers on Twitter have managed to dig up the upcoming Valorant skin bundle ahead of its actual release, and fans are excited to know more about what skins the Reverie bundle will offer.

The new skin collection has been named ‘Reverie’ and features unique upgrades across four levels and three variants, according to the leaks by popular Valorant data miner ‘ValorLeaks’ on Twitter.

The Reverie Skin Bundle has the following weapons :

  • Phantom
  • Guardian
  • Marshal
  • Classic
  • Knife

The set, probably titled Reverie, will feature both ranged and close-combat skins with artwork reminiscent of stained glass murals. Classical aesthetics can be seen in the skins, which is unusual for Valorant. In fact, they’re quite attractive, and when put together, the various skin tones bring to mind a religious mural, the likes of which are often spotted on a church wall. 

Reverie debuts alongside the 6.03 Patch which also brings massive nerf changes to Raze and Killjoy’s ability draft. The update is rumored to hit the live servers somewhere around February 14. 

As far as one can figure out from the teaser image, the skins from the Reverie bundle won’t feature any sort of animations which indeed makes them a Deluxe bundle. But what makes them an eye-catcher are their aesthetics which has been closely imprinted on the bundle.  

The Reverie bundle is expected to hit the store with a price tag of 5100 Valorant Points and if you were to get individual items from the bundle, the guns would cost you around 1275 VP while the Melee comes at 2550 Valorant Points. 

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