Former Nguyen Valorant Pro ‘Gh0st’ Unbanned By Riot After False Vanguard Ban

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In what came as a surprise to many Valorant fans, former Nguyen Valorant pro Nicholas “Gh0st” Graham was banned by Riot’s anti-cheat system – Vanguard – on April 20th. 

The ban was caught live on ShahZaM’s Twitch stream which you can take a look at here. The clip shows Gh0st being banned from Valorant and the match being terminated instantly.

Luckily, it seems like Gh0st’s ban was nothing other than a false alarm. According to Valorant dev ‘RiotK3o’ on Reddit, the ban was mistakenly placed by Vanguard and has been removed after further inspection from the dev team.

The dev said, “Hey everyone, after review, gh0st has been unbanned. The account flagged a detection. However, after we looked into it, we saw an extremely rare unintended collision and have reinstated their account.”

He also claimed that they have implemented “immediate changes so that this won’t happen with other players.”

A Tweet from Gh0st followed soon afterward where he notified his fans regarding the removal of his ban.

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