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Valorant Player Uses Deep Fakes to Create Free Singularity Phantom

A Valorant player has managed to use neural networks to replicate the insanely popular Singularity Phantom weapon skin without actually equipping (or buying) it.

Reddit user u/swegmesterflex has shared the first looks on his project through a post today.

Normally, players have to buy the weapon skins from the in-game cosmetics store. However, using deep fakes has evidently enabled this player to circumvent the process by applying the Singularity Phantom skin to his default Phantom skin without spending any money.

Deepfake Valorant Singularity Phantom

Previously, we have seen a lot of Valorant players reporting about the skins being overpriced in the store. In case you share the feeling, you’re certain to find this method interesting.

“I’m doing this with the CycleGAN model and it’s really similar to the style transfer stuff you see with filters and things like night to day or summer to winter, etc. Just the style transfer is between a vanilla gun and the gun with some skin,” the player said in his post.

He also stated that the method doesn’t replace the reload animations of the default skins as of now. And while it may be possible in the future, it’ll still be extremely difficult to do so.

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