Valorant Mumbai Servers Down in India? Players Report Login and High Ping Issues

valorant mumbai server

Valorant, the popular multiplayer game from Riot Games, has been facing a series of server hiccups recently. Specifically, the Mumbai, Singapore, and other Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions have been hit with these issues, disrupting the gaming experience of many players. The problems are not just limited to login issues; players have been unable to access their friends’ lists, putting a damper on the typically collaborative gaming experience​​.

A similar situation unfolded a few days prior when players across various regions were unable to log in and play Valorant. The problems ranged from unknown error messages and crash mid-game to difficulties in launching the game. Riot Games quickly rectified the situation. However, the APAC servers are now grappling with a new issue​​.

Valorant Mumbai Servers Facing Issues Today, June 28

Riot Games recently updated the server status to ‘critical’ for APAC servers, in response to the emerging login issues. Affected players have taken to social media platforms to voice their frustrations, with Reddit being a hotspot for such discussions. One player reported being able to launch the game and join queues but was unable to see or invite friends, illustrating the extent of these issues​​.

Notably, many players have chimed in, reporting similar experiences. Some players have even reported a loss in rank ratings due to these server problems. Others have observed multiple instances of queue-dodging, raising questions about the cause-effect relationship of these occurrences​​.

Riot Games, however, is not standing still in the face of these challenges. The company’s status notification bar communicates their commitment to resolving these issues as soon as they can, giving players some reassurance​1​. The developers are actively working on the problem. Although there is no defined time frame for resolution, it is expected that players will regain access soon​​.

Given the nature of Valorant as an online, multiplayer game, reliance on servers is inevitable. While Riot Games usually maintains a robust framework, occasional glitches can occur. In cases of critical bugs, the resolution might take longer than usual. Players are currently advised against playing ranked games, as these server issues can lead to mid-game crashes, which can harm their ELO ratings​​.

As we continue to navigate the digital age, issues like these remind us of the complexities behind our online gaming experiences. We eagerly look forward to a swift resolution from Riot Games, so players can return to the Valorant battlegrounds.

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