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Valorant Lotus Map: Release Date For Rated, Unrated

Episode 6 Act I has dropped, and you might be wondering if Lotus is currently in Competitive on VALORANT. The current episode of VALORANT began with the customary battle-pass, a new skin bundle, and the Lotus map, all of which were included in the game’s most recent patch.

Many of VALORANT’s design decisions were developed with the Competitive mode in mind, so you may be wondering how they’ve evolved with the new update.

For the time being, the Lotus map is not playable in Competitive mode on VALORANT. 

However, fans of the map need not fear. Before a new map is added to the map pool in VALORANT, it is given its own queue for a short period of time so that players can become acquainted with it.

Normally, a new map’s exclusive mode would remain in place for at least two weeks before being withdrawn and the map added to the competitive pool, but in this case, things are a little different. 

According to the VALORANT Episode 6 Act I patch notes, “Please note that the Lotus only queue will only be playable in Swiftplay mode for one week and then goes into the competitive and Unrated map rotation in Patch 6.1.”

Even if it’s less time than with prior maps, it’s still sufficient for learning the ropes. Although an official release date has not been announced, the latest patch notes indicate that the next update will be released within the next week.

Patch 6.1, scheduled for release on January 17, will bring Lotus to both ranked and unranked play. 

The Lotus only queue will be available in Swiftplay mode for only one week before being rotated into the competitive and Unrated map rotation in Patch 6.1, as stated in the official patch notes.

To ensure that all players enter the competitive lines on equal footing, Riot prevents all new maps from appearing immediately. 

Thus, you can test out Lotus and its various agents and strategies in Swiftplay before it becomes available in the rated and unrated modes.

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